“Wild Britain map” seeks to geographically and thematically plot, categorise and depict the natural history of Britain in all its strands. It covers wildlife hotspots, landscape art, wild places, fossil finds, extinctions and introductions, literature and the travels of past and present naturalists, artists and writers, prehistoric representations, scientific discoveries, geographical curiosities and ephemera all things wild. It draws on the writings of figures ranging from Gilbert White, Charles Darwin and George Orwell through to Kathleen Jamie, Stephen Moss, Tim Dee and Robert Macfarlane, writings which describe and evoke the atmosphere of specific experiences in particular locations. It looks at our pre-historical, historical and cultural relationship with wildlife and the land. I hope it becomes when more complete a useful aid to planning a trip or merely imagining a journey.

I am developing this organically as the fancy takes me and as such the selection may seem strange until it grows till its full extent. For the time being, I see it as a three-D puzzle with only a few pieces in place. The text section of the site is organised at this stage mainly by counties, though this may change. Most places in the text have not yet been placed on the map.

The Map itself uses Google maps and is here on the website.