The Jersey toad

jersey toad

Scientists proved in 2014 that the toads living on Jersey are a different species from the common toad (Bufo bufo) found across UK and Europe and has been named The Jersey toad (Bufo spinosus). Dr. John Wilkinson who works as Science Programme Manager forAmphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC), explained “We always suspected there was something special about the toads of Jersey. They grow larger, breed earlier and use different habitats than English toads. Now we know they are a new species, we can ensure efforts for their conservation are directed to their specific needs.”

Curiously. the fact the Jersey is the only channel island with toads has led to a common association between the islanders and the animal, which led dwellers of the other islands to use the term “crapaud” from the French to refer to residents of Jersey in a derogatory way. The toad is now a common cultural fixture in Jersey, with a statue dedicated to it in the island’s capital St Helier. (image BBC)