Beavers return to Britain

The River Otter in Devon (near the town of Ottery St Mary) is home to the first beavers to live in the wild in England for some 300 years. More

The Life of a Robin

Ornithologist David Lack carried out groundbreaking observation of Robins in the field here around Dartington school in Devon. The work involved catching robins and fitting coloured rings on their legs so that individuals could be recognised.Read

National Marine Aquarium

The National Marine Aquarium is the largest public aquarium in the UK. It is a registered chairity committed to promoting a sympathetic understanding of the sea through programmes of education, conservation and research. There are over 4,000 marine fish in the Aquarium, of almost 400 different species, as well as many thousands of invertebrate animals and one Loggerhead Turtle. A large proportion of the animals come from local waters. More

Rich hedgerows

2,070 species of flora and fauna were found by Dr Rob Wolton in one typical Devon hedge, according to John Wright’s A Natural History of the Hedgerow (2016).

Largest sand dune system in England

Braunton Burrows is the largest sand dune system in England. Wikipedia

Lundy Island Marine Conservation Zone

The waters around Lundy form, as of late 2016, the only no-take marine reserve on the whole of Britain. More here

Radio and TV

  • Bovisand Bay Seashore BBC Radio’s Living World visits a wintry Bovisand Bay in South Devon in the company of Keith Hiscock, Associate Fellow of the Marine Biological Association. They rummage amongst the storm strewn seaweed making up the strand line at the top of the beach. Read and listen