Largest ever leatherback turtle

In September 1988, the largest and heaviest ever recorded leatherback turtle in the world was washed ashore on Harlech beach, Gwynedd, after being drowned from being trapped by fishing lines. It was approximately 100 years old when it died. It measured almost 3m in length and weighed 914 kilos. It is today on display at the National Museum in Cardiff. Read

The National Trust’s first land

The rugged hill of Dinas Oleu above Barmouth was the first donation to the recently formed National Trust in 1895. It was given by Mrs Fanny Talbot, a wealthy philanthropist, who said ‘I have long wanted to secure for the public forever the enjoyment of Dinas Oleu and wish to put it in the custody of a society that will never vulgarise it or prevent wild nature from having its way’. Read