Home of wildlife artist Charles Tunnicliffe

Charles Tunnicliffe, who lived most of his life in Malltraeth, Anglesey was the author of many wonderful wildlife illustrations and pieces of art including the famous “What to look for” seasonal series of Ladybird books. Much of his art was inspried by what he saw from walks along the Cefni estuary.

Huge raven roost

Newborough Forest, an area of shifting dunes and grasslands planted with pines between 1947 and 1965, is home to a huge roost of some 800 ravens, the largest in Britain, although it is estimated that up to 2000 individuals once roosted here in the early 20th century. 

Mark Cocker writing in The Guardian considers it one of Britain’s great birding spectacles:

With voices like Tibetan throat singers and intelligence comparable with primates, ravens are always doing or saying something interesting. At Newborough they collect in one of the world’s largest raven gatherings. The roost has been an object of scientific study for years and, if a little smaller than it once was, it’s still a place of immense atmosphere. The sight of these black birds in the dark pines, and the sound of their weird bass vocalisations as they call out at day’s end, seems like a fantastic gathering of the night spirits. Wonderful. Here

The forest is also a key spot for red squirrel conservation which is recovering in Anglesey after the erradictaion of the grey squirrel here. Reds have also crossed from Anglesey to the mainland. More here.