Basking shark hotspot

Hella Point is a rocky headland with great views of basking sharks. Read

Shark cage diving

Thrilling opportunity to watch sharks in the wild by cage diving. Trips by Atlantic Diver leave from Newquay Harbour More

Mass stranding

The worst case of mass stranding of dolphins in Britain took place on 9 June 2008 , at Porth Creek near Falmouth when a pod of more than thirty common dolphins came ashore. Seven animals were saved by the local lifeboat team. A subsequent scientific report concluded that the stranding was ‘ most probably’ due to the dolphins being panicked by sonar from a naval exercise involving over thirty different vessels. The Royal Navy have denied any responsibility.

Return of the chough

The emblem of Cornwall, the red legged red beaked chough, has returned and is now breeding in the county after being absent in the whole of England for 50 years. “Legend has it that the soul of King Arthur departed this world in the form of a chough, its red feet and bill signifying Arthur’s violent and bloody end.” More here

Top sites to them are west Penwith and the Lizard.