British seas


Doggerland is the name given to the vast area that until ten thousand years ago linked the British Isles with Denmark and Northern Germany. Read

Dogger earthquake

The Dogger Bank earthquake of 1931 was the strongest earthquake ever recorded in the UK since measurements began. It had a magnitude of 6.1 on the Richter magnitude scale. Minor damage was reported from a number of towns, including most spectacularly at Filey in Yorkshire, where a church spire was twisted out of shape. Less seriously, at Madame Tussaud’s waxwork museum`s Chamber of Horrors in London, the head of the murderer Dr Crippen fell off its shoulders. A small non-destructive tsunami was also recorded.

Birding on a North Sea oil platform

Autumn brings resting migrant birds to the oil rigs of the North Sea. (BBC Autumnwatch). Interesting site by hydrographic surveyor based on platforms and birder.

Space impact

Along with the Minch crater site, Britain’s only other known space impact location is Silverpit in the North Sea, some 130km east of the Yorkshire coast. Reseachers have found evidence on the sea floor for a cataclysmic asteroid or comet strike some 60-65 million years ago. BBC